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New chapter:  Beta Zeta | São Paulo, Brazil

We have a new chapter in Brazil, Beta Zeta! Nine charter members and one honorary member were inducted on February 26, 2016 in São Paulo, Brazil.

Beta Zeta Charter Members

[standing, L to R] Paulo Roberto Charao; Washington De Oliveira Souza; Marcelo Bonvenuto; Everson Silva, President; [seated] Andre de Oliveira, Beta Zeta President and honorary member of Alpha; International President Keith Bearden; Carlos Binder, Executive Secretary; [seated] Vantoil Souza Jr., Vice President; Leandro Pascui; Michael Jewitt [honorary member of Beta Zeta from Calgary, Canada]; Rogerio Wanderley Brito

Congratulations to our new brothers of Phi Beta Mu!

Earl D. Irons Program of Distinction

Phi Beta Mu will be sponsoring a new International award to honor outstanding, well-rounded high school band programs. The purpose of the Earl D. Irons Program of Distinction award is to recognize those bands that exhibit and exemplify the founders’ ideals of honoring superior achievement, moral uprightness, and promoting the international development of bands, in order to challenge other groups to strive to attain these same levels of achievement.

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Nominations are now being accepted by any Phi Beta Mu member.

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Phi Beta Mu Outstanding Awards 2016

Outstanding Bandmaster 2016

Akira Takeda
Colonel Akira Takeda
Commander / Conductor
Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Central Band

Outstanding Contributor 2016

Chip Averwater
Chip Averwater
Amro Music Stores
Memphis, Tennessee

Chapter Special Projects

It is exciting to see the themes of mentorship, collaboration and leadership demonstrated by the actions of Phi Beta Mu members and chapters. The ideals of our fraternity are reflected in the special projects that local chapters focus their time and energy on each year. We are thrilled by the response we had from you in 2014!

Discover the common threads of service to our profession that bind our chapters and fraternity together.

Future Commission Projects

In keeping with the Phi Beta Mu mission of building better bands, it is the intent of our executive board that we to continue to contribute to the repertoire of the wind band through commissions of new music at all grade levels. To that end, we are developing proposals for our 2016 commission of a Grade Five work for wind band.

More information about the process and opportunities for Phi Beta Mu chapters to be involved will be forthcoming.

Chapter Profiles

We want to know more about you!

Public relations chair Keith Rudolph is soliciting information in order to expand our awareness of each of our 35 chapters. Even though we have much in common, each of our Phi Beta Mu chapters is unique. By sharing this information we become more connected as a fraternity and the bonds of life, love and music are strengthened.

For more information about this project contact Keith Rudolph at <>.

View profiles from Alpha, Alpha Theta, Gamma, Lambda, Lambda Iota and Nu chapters.

Special Projects


Mu Alpha Dominica Project
As of April 2014 members of the Mu Alpha team have initiated band programs in 15 secondary schools in the Island Dominion of Dominica.

With the support of major donors The Bandstand and The Wind Shoppe, over 600 instruments have been supplied and shipped to Dominica for use in the programs. More ⇒

Special projects chair Dwayne Sagen is always interested in receiving information regarding chapter special projects. Please take time to share the goals and projects that your chapter has embarked upon this year. An idea shared can inspire and motivate action and has the potential to impact our profession in a positive way.

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Phi Beta Mu is a non-political, non-profit fraternity organized to promote fellowship among its members, to encourage the building of better bands and the development of better musicians in schools throughout the world, to foster a deeper appreciation for quality wind literature, and to encourage widespread interest in band performance.