2022 Phi Beta Mu International Commission a Hit!

Alegría — Carol Brittin Chambers

The 2022 Phi Beta Mu International Commission was the grand finale at the Henry Middle School Concert at The Midwest Clinic this past December. The piece is a Grade 3.5 and is available through Aspenwood Music.

Notes from the composer: The word Alegría, with varied spellings in several languages, means joy, happiness, and cheerfulness. The piece is fun, upbeat, high energy, and explores a range of emotions and a variety of time signatures and more than one tempo. At times humorous, sometimes quirky, beautifully melodic, this composition expresses joy with unique-sounding modes and an energetic groove that will make you want to get up and dance.

A variety of percussion instruments were included; most notably the tambourine(s) at the end. The use of the tambourine in all types of celebratory music elevates then to one of the most JOYFUL instruments that exist.

Once again, a huge thank you to all chapters and individuals that contributed to the cost of this commission. We are so pleased that this type of project attracted a wide range of donors including:

Alpha Chapter (Texas)
Alpha Gamma Chapter (North Dakota)
Delta Chapter (Mississippi)
Eta Chapter (Tennessee)
Gamma Chapter (Indiana)
Iota Chapter (Kansas)
Kappa Chapter (Colorado)
Mu Alpha Chapter (Alberta, Canada)
Omicron Chapter (Arkansas)
Rho Chapter (Alabama)
Sigma Chi Chapter (Wyoming)
Theta Chapter (South Carolina)
John M. (Jay) Watkins, Jr., University of Florida Symphonic Band (Omega Chapter)
Anonymous; David Lambert, for his service to Phi Beta Mu International
Anonymous; Scott Coulson, for his service to Alpha Chapter
In Memory of Larry Tucker, Alpha Chapter Past President; from his loving family
William Powers (Nu Chapter, Pennsylvania); In Memory of Robert Z. Zellner
Jacqueline Gilley (Beta Chapter, Oklahoma); In Honor of Eldon Jansen
David and Sheryl Lambert (Alpha Chapter); In Memory of Melvin Montgomery, Stephen F, Austin University

It is our hope that this piece will be performed and enjoyed by bands everywhere.