Outstanding Bandmaster Award

Portfolio Guidelines

Chair generates a slate of nominees.

  • Send a request for nominations to International Board of Directors.
  • Compile nominee list and provide biography for each candidate.
  • Slate of nominees issued to International Board of Directors, Past Presidents, and Members at your discretion. Slate: Minimum two candidates.
  • Vote occurs – rank top two choices.
  • The runoff between these top two candidates will be at the Board of Directors meeting. The runner-up will automatically carry forward as a nominee for the next year.
  • Recommended deadline: October 30.
  • Recommended deadline: November 15.

Announce the recipient of Outstanding Bandmaster for upcoming year at board meeting at the Midwest Clinic.

Following (or during) the Midwest Clinic, the committee chair contacts recipient to inform them of the honor and extends the invitation for recipient and guest to the Awards Breakfast.

  • Provide President with contact information of the recipient.
  • Request that the President send a congratulatory letter to the recipient that also includes a formal invitation to the Awards Breakfast.
  • Request biography and photo from recipient.
  • Confirm attendance at Midwest Clinic and Awards Breakfast.
  • Phi Beta Mu pays breakfast expenses for the individual and one guest.

Publicity and Promotion

  • Photo/bio to be used for publicity in Midwest Clinic program, the website, and the PBM newsletter.
  • As soon as bio/photo are accessed, forward to website team to mount on website.
  • Work with Chair of Outstanding Contributor Committee to prepare the page for the Midwest Clinic program.
  • Deadline for Midwest Clinic program – September 15.
  • Contact Executive Secretary to confirm presentation plaque is ordered for the Awards Breakfast.

Awards Luncheon

  • Introduce recipient.
  • Share biography and present award.
  • Offer recipient opportunity to respond.