MuAlpha News November 2020

MuAlpha conducts First Meeting of New Executive using ZOOM

MuAlpha Chapter NEWS —Trish Howe

To say that 2020 has been a different year may well be the biggest understatement of our time! That said, MuAlpha and it’s members have been finding great coping strategies and doing solid advocacy work to keep music safely in our schools and encourage band music in every capacity that we can safely do so, to help build better, healthier, more well balanced students. With every challenge that we’ve faced, our members have found new opportunities and new ways to keep music alive! As with most chapters, there were activities and events that we had to change, cancel, or postpone. MuAlpha took the opportunity to move to more virtual meetings and update some internal functions, to further our chapter’s goal of being seen doing the good work of PhiBetaMu within the community by joining with collaborative groups and coalitions, and to further the NAMM Foundation’s work in using chamber work to keep instrumental music in our schools until we can do band more safely. Some of our members took leadership roles in creating virtual spaces for teachers to gather and plan first in our province, then sharing ideas across the country and with our friends across the continent. As all of us go back into the band room and the classroom with our students, we wish our Brothers and Sisters much love, strength, and music, and leave you with the reminder that you serve a greater good by serving the young people of this world.

Stay safe, stay well, stay sane !