Mentorship Program with MBDA

In the fall of 2011, a partnership was created between the Minnesota chapter of Phi Beta Mu and the Minnesota Band Directors Association (MBDA).  Members of Phi Beta Mu have volunteered to mentor beginning band directors.  MBDA board members looked to their Mission Statement, and felt that this project would be a good fit in their mission to assist in the development of band directors and band programs in Minnesota.  Joni Sutton has volunteered to spearhead this project, as a liaison between mentors and mentees.

Currently, we have a number of mentoring partnerships underway between new band directors and Phi Beta Mu members.  Joni will continue to advertise the program.  She recently made contact with a group of administrators within Minnesota to assist with getting the word out to new directors.

If you have questions about this program or know of a young director who could benefit from a mentor, contact Joni at-

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