Welcome to our newest chapter — Kappa Zeta (Arizona)

President Keith Bearden and event board member Keith Rudolph installed KZ on Saturday, February 4, 2017 during the Arizona Music Educators Association conference in Mesa, Arizona. Twenty-five members were pinned and presented membership certificates.

The tireless efforts of Mr. Raymond Laffin, past president of (Gamma-Indiana, now residing in Arizona) alongside brother Rudolph made this dream a reality.

Keith Bearden, Raymond Laffin, Keith Rudolph

Keith Bearden; Raymond Laffin; Keith Rudolph

Kappa Zeta Chapter

Kappa Zeta Chapter

Upper Row (L-R)
1. Dan Bradstreet
2. Bud Hilditch
3. Scott Burgener
4. Rich Shelton
5. Jim Hudson
6. Keith Bearden
7. Melanie Britton
8. Bill Humbert
9. Anne Haenfler
10. Jennifer Hamilton
11. Jon Gomez
12. Brian Murphy
13. Frank Dubuy
14. Charles Musgrave
15. Milas Yoes
16. Ray Laffin | Advisor
17. Clark Chaffee
Lower Row (L-R)
1. George Hattendorf | Board Member
2. Ken Jaeger
3. Michael Willson | Vice President
4. Peter Pappas
5. Margene Pappas
6. Bob Rudy | President
7. Dennis Smith | Executive Secretary
8. Renee Shane-Boyd
9. Chris Blue
10. Eric Haenfler | Board Member
11. Keith Rudolph

New chapter: Beta Zeta | São Paulo, Brazil

We have a new chapter in Brazil, Beta Zeta! Nine charter members and one honorary member were inducted on February 26, 2016 in São Paulo, Brazil.

Beta Zeta Charter Members

[standing, L to R] Paulo Roberto Charao; Washington De Oliveira Souza; Marcelo Bonvenuto; Everson Silva, President; [seated] Andre de Oliveira, Beta Zeta President and honorary member of Alpha; International President Keith Bearden; Carlos Binder, Executive Secretary; [seated] Vantoil Souza Jr., Vice President; Leandro Pascui; Michael Jewitt [honorary member of Beta Zeta from Calgary, Canada]; Rogerio Wanderley Brito

Congratulations to our new brothers of Phi Beta Mu!