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PBM Elections 2021

Voting is now open for the 2021 election for positions of Vice President: President Elect on the Executive Board and two members on the International Board of Directors


Educational Outreach

Commission Projects

 Phi Beta Mu is committed to the development and release of new repertoire for our profession. This opportunity is facilitated by the financial commitment of the Phi Beta Mu International Board and the collaboration of our Phi Beta Mu member chapters and individuals.

We are excited to announce the 2020 Quincy Hilliard Commission Project has been completed and submitted to Carl Fisher for publication. The composer Quincy Hilliard offers the following comments about the piece:

Rejoice, Dolce, and Dance is written in three different and distinct styles. Rejoice is fanfare-like in quality and should be played in a bold majestic manner. Dolce is slow and more lyrical in manner. This section should be played in a legato style. The director is encouraged to add his own interpretive elements in this section. The Dance has an Allegro tempo and is fast and light in character. In this section the director will have to pay special attention to the articulations and dynamics that are marked.”

The composition is a Grade 2.5 published by Carl Fisher. It will be available in the spring for performance consideration for the Midwest 2021.

Phi Beta Mu International thanks the following Chapters and individuals for their support of the 2020 Quincy Hilliard Commission Project:

  • Alpha Chapter (Texas)
  • Theta Chapter (South Carolina)
  • Delta Chapter (Mississippi)
  • Omicron Chapter (Arkansas)
  • Alpha Theta Chapter (Nebraska)
  • Alpha Gamma Chapter (North Dakota)
  • Gamma Chapter (Indiana)
  • Nu Chapter (Pennsylvania)
  • Psi Chapter (Kentucky)
  • Mu Alpha Chapter (Alberta, Canada)
  • Lambda Iota (Ontario, Canada)
  • Iota Chapter (Kansas)
  • Kappa Chapter (Colorado)
  • Eta Chapter (Tennessee)
  • Zeta Chapter (Georgia)
  • Keith and June Bearden (Alpha Chapter)
  • Steven Moss (Alpha Chapter)
  • Anonymous; David Lambert for his service to Phi Beta Mu International
  • Anonymous; Scott Coulson, for his service to Alpha Chapter
  • Jacqueline Gilley (Beta Chapter); In Memoriam, Francis McBeth
  • Dennis Beck (Lambda Iota Chapter); In Memoriam, Donald McKeller
  • Brek Hufnus (Xi Chapter); In Memory of David Wuersig, Roosevelt Middle School, River Forest, IL, 1974-2014
  • David and Sheryl Gary Lambert (Alpha Chapter); In Memory of James D Gary, John Foster Dulles High School, Sugar Land, TX 1959-1968
  • Phil Min (Rho Chapter); In Honor of William T. Robinson
  • Julia Reynolds (Omicron Chapter); In Honor of Wendell O. Evanson
  • Julia Reynolds (Omicron Chapter); In Honor of Hal D. Cooper Senior
  • Steve Shoop (Alpha Chapter); In Honor of Patsy Dickerson Nelson
  • David L. Wenerd (Nu Chapter); In Honor of the Chambersburg Area Senior High School Band

More information is available about our composers, the commissions and performers.

Phi Beta Mu Awards

Chip Averwater

Chip Averwater

The International Board of Phi Beta Mu commends all members of our profession for their dedication and inspiration during the challenges of the past year. Due to the pandemic, we will make the presentation to our 2020 award winners at the 2021 Midwest Clinic.

A highlight of the annual Phi Beta Mu Awards Breakfast is the opportunity to honour individuals who have made significant contributions to our profession. Even as we honour them they continue to inspire us with their wisdom and demeanor. In lieu of the opportunity to gather this year, we share the acceptance speech of Chip Averwater, Outstanding Contributor 2016.

“I’m sure all of us in this room occasionally ask ourselves how and why we got into this field. You know, like “What were we thinking?!” I remember a few situations that influenced me.” View entire acceptance speech of December 15, 2016.

Phi Beta Mu Reaches Out to International Band Scene

The Phi Beta Mu Board of Directors has created an International Assistance Fund (IAF) to provide assistance to school/community bands in foreign countries. Funding is to be used for supplies or classroom equipment purchased locally in the foreign country or, for assistance in the transport, shipping, or mailing of items. Awards will not exceed $500 to any one school or program.

Applications from Phi Beta Mu members will be received at anytime during the year. Inquiries and submissions are to be directed to the International President Elva Kaye Lance. Requests will be approved or declined within seven working days.

Please use your member login and go the Forms & Documents page to access more information regarding the application process.

Rich Armstrong, Director of Bands Waxahachie High School; Paul Worosello, , Phi Beta Mu International

[l to r:] Richard Armstrong, Director of Bands, Waxahachie High School; Paul Worosello, Phi Beta Mu International
photo: Robert James Cesario

2019 recipient of Earl D. Irons Program of Distinction

One band was selected as recipient of the Earl D. Irons Program of Distinction in the third year of the award. Congratulations to:  

Waxahachie High School, Waxahachie, Texas
Richard Armstrong, Director

This outstanding band program was recognized and celebrated during the Midwest Clinic [December 17-21, 2019] at the Phi Beta Mu Awards Breakfast.

The Phi Beta Mu Earl D. Irons Program of Distinction is open to all high school band programs. Director must have been at that program for at least the previous five years. 

Any Phi Beta Mu member may nominate one program. The initial nomination occurs in confidence with the Director unaware of the nomination, just as a potential member is nominated for membership to a state/province chapter. 

Bands may be nominated at any time up to April 30 of the current academic year. 

Name of nominated program, director and contact information is sent to Paul Worosello: (<>) who, within a week, will notify director of the nomination by sending a letter of congratulations and information on how to proceed. Bands are under no obligation to act upon the nomination.

For more information visit: Earl D. Irons Program of Distinction.

[Please note that members must log in first.]

NEWS: September 22, 2020

Earl D. Irons Program of Distinction nominations have been temporarily suspended

Thank you for what you do for our fraternity,
Paul Worosello

Chapter Profiles

We want to know more about you!

Public relations chair Martin Carey-Becker is soliciting information in order to expand our awareness of each of our 35 chapters. Even though we have much in common, each of our Phi Beta Mu chapters is unique. By sharing this information we become more connected as a fraternity and the bonds of life, love and music are strengthened.

For more information about this project contact Martin Carey-Becker at <>

View the profiles from 27 of our 35 chapters. Help us complete our roster by submitting your chapter profile today.

Chapter Special Projects

It is exciting to see the themes of mentorship, collaboration and leadership demonstrated by the actions of Phi Beta Mu members and chapters. The ideals of our fraternity are reflected in the special projects that local chapters focus their time and energy on each year.

Discover the common threads of service to our profession that bind our chapters and fraternity together.

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We are continuing our Phi Beta Mu Facebook group for the membership – this is a private group, for members only. The private group page serves many purposes related to fraternity business, communication, idea sharing, announcements and events. Only Phi Beta Mu members are granted access, and only members can see who is in the group and what they post.

We are excited to announce our new Phi Beta Mu Facebook page – this is a public page. The public page serves to attract band directors to our organization where they can seek out assistance in areas such as mentorship, helpful articles and raising awareness of our fraternity’s purposes and activities. Anyone can see who is in the group and what they post – but all posts will have to be approved by an administrator.

We will continue BOTH pages and invite you to seek them out and add them to your favorites. Feel free to share the public page with directors in your network. We encourage you to post and share helpful ideas, reach out to others and offer to assist and mentor, and just have fun connecting on Facebook on behalf of Phi Beta Mu.

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Phi Beta Mu is a non-political, non-profit fraternity organized to promote fellowship among its members, to encourage the building of better bands and the development of better musicians in schools throughout the world, to foster a deeper appreciation for quality wind literature, and to encourage widespread interest in band performance.