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Welcome to our newest chapter — Kappa Zeta (Arizona)

President Keith Bearden and event board member Keith Rudolph installed KZ on Saturday, February 4, 2017 during the Arizona Music Educators Association conference in Mesa, Arizona. Twenty-five members were pinned and presented membership certificates.

The tireless efforts of Mr. Raymond Laffin, past president of (Gamma-Indiana, now residing in Arizona) alongside brother Rudolph made this dream a reality.

Keith Bearden, Raymond Laffin, Keith Rudolph

Keith Bearden; Raymond Laffin; Keith Rudolph

Kappa Zeta Chapter

Kappa Zeta Chapter

Upper Row (L-R)
1. Dan Bradstreet
2. Bud Hilditch
3. Scott Burgener
4. Rich Shelton
5. Jim Hudson
6. Keith Bearden
7. Melanie Britton
8. Bill Humbert
9. Anne Haenfler
10. Jennifer Hamilton
11. Jon Gomez
12. Brian Murphy
13. Frank Dubuy
14. Charles Musgrave
15. Milas Yoes
16. Ray Laffin | Advisor
17. Clark Chaffee
Lower Row (L-R)
1. George Hattendorf | Board Member
2. Ken Jaeger
3. Michael Willson | Vice President
4. Peter Pappas
5. Margene Pappas
6. Bob Rudy | President
7. Dennis Smith | Executive Secretary
8. Renee Shane-Boyd
9. Chris Blue
10. Eric Haenfler | Board Member
11. Keith Rudolph

Earl D. Irons Program of Distinction

Two bands were selected as recipients of the Earl D. Irons Program of Distinction in the inaugural year of the award. Congratulations to:  

  • Penn High School: Mishawaka, IN | Glenn Northern, Director
  • Westlake High School: Austin, TX | Kerry Taylor, Director

These two outstanding band programs were recognized and celebrated during the Midwest Clinic [December 14-17, 2016] at the Phi Beta Mu Awards Breakfast.

Nominations are currently being accepted for the 2017 Award. The Phi Beta Mu Earl D. Irons Program of Distinction is open to all high school band programs. Director must have been at that program for at least the previous five years. 

Any member may nominate one program. The initial nomination occurs in confidence with the director unaware of the nomination, just as a potential member is nominated for membership to a state/province chapter. 

Bands may be nominated at any time up to April 30 of the current academic year. 

Note: The earlier the nomination is received, the more time the nominated program has to assemble all required material. 

Name of nominated program, director and contact information is sent to Paul Worosello: (<>) who, within a week, will notify director of the nomination by sending a letter of congratulations and information on how to proceed. Bands are under no obligation to act upon the nomination.

The following video is the example Westlake High School submitted with their application. In addition to highlighting specific aspects of the program, along with a brief narration outlining accomplishments, this video would also be a great way to inform your community about your program and use for recruitment purposes.

For more information visit: Earl D. Irons Program of Distinction.

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Phi Beta Mu Outstanding Awards 2017

Outstanding Bandmaster 2017

Jerry Junkin
Jerry Junkin
Director of Bands
University of Texas

Outstanding Contributor 2017

Dennis Fisher
Dennis Fisher
Associate Director of Wind Studies
Professor of Music
Conductor of Symphonic Band

Chapter Special Projects

It is exciting to see the themes of mentorship, collaboration and leadership demonstrated by the actions of Phi Beta Mu members and chapters. The ideals of our fraternity are reflected in the special projects that local chapters focus their time and energy on each year. We are thrilled by the response we had from you in 2015!

Discover the common threads of service to our profession that bind our chapters and fraternity together.

PBM Commission Projects

Phi Beta Mu International is dedicated to promoting quality music for the wind band medium by developing new literature that contributes to the existing band repertoire for all grade levels.

Congratulations and thank you to the Mineola Middle School 1-C Honor Band and their conductor Melissa Grant Fisher for the premiere performance of our new commission Wings of Mercury by William Owens.

The performance took placein San Antonio, Texas at the Lila Cockrell Theater in conjunction with the 2016 Texas Music Educators Association Convention. Thanks also to commission chair Elva Kaye Lance, Vice President of PBM International, for her work on this meaningful project.

William Owens; Melissa GranFisher; PaulWorosello

William Owens; Melissa Grant Fisher; Paul Worosello, Past President PBM International

Future Commission Projects

In keeping with the Phi Beta Mu mission of building better bands, it is the intent of our executive board that we to continue to contribute to the repertoire of the wind band through commissions of new music at all grade levels. To that end, we are developing proposals for our 2017-2018 commission of a Grade Five work for wind band.

For more information about the process and opportunities for Phi Beta Mu chapters to be involved, contact Jay Watkins at <>

Chapter Profiles

We want to know more about you!

Public relations chair Keith Rudolph is soliciting information in order to expand our awareness of each of our 35 chapters. Even though we have much in common, each of our Phi Beta Mu chapters is unique. By sharing this information we become more connected as a fraternity and the bonds of life, love and music are strengthened.

For more information about this project contact Keith Rudolph at <>.

View profiles from Alpha, Alpha Theta, Gamma, Lambda, Lambda Iota and Nu chapters.

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