Commission Projects

2024 Commission Project

The Executive Board of Phi Beta Mu is dedicated to promoting quality music for the wind band by commissioning new literature that contributes to the existing band repertoire for all grade levels as we work to build better bands. We are pleased to announce that we have commissioned Adrian Sims. He is an intelligent and impressive young man, and Phi Beta Mu International will be able to add yet another wonderful work to the list of commissioned works.

Chapter Contributions

It is the hope of the Board that chapters will feel comfortable contributing to this project on a biennial schedule. The difficulty level will be in the range of Grade 2 – Grade 3.5 and has the potential to be performed by a great number of ensembles as it can include both middle and high school bands. The piece will be finished by the end of August and will undoubtedly be premiered at The Midwest Clinic in December 2024.

The International Chapter will contribute $1,000 and state chapters may wish to contribute the usual amount of $200. Individual contributions and commemorations of $100 may also be made and could honor a loved one or simply acknowledge a job well done! Contributing chapters and individuals will be acknowledged and included in the score along with the program notes.

Contributions are now being accepted with a deadline of September 1, 2024.

Make a Chapter Contribution

Adrian Sims

Adrian Sims is a graduate of The University of Maryland with a degree in Music Composition and is working to complete a degree in Music Education. As a trombonist, he has performed with a wide variety of musical ensembles – pit and symphony orchestras, jazz and concert bands. He is currently a composer, conductor, educator, and trombonist in the Baltimore/Washington DC area. He credits Dr. Robert Gibson, University of Maryland, and Brian Balmages, for his development as a composer.

Adrian’s music has been performed at The Midwest Clinic and has been selected for the Bandworld Top 100 List. It has been named to the JW Pepper Editor’s Choice List as well. His music is published by Alfred Music as well as Adrian B. Sims Music.

Adrian Sims
Adrian Sims

2022 Commission Project

Carol Brittin ChambersCarol Brittin Chambers

Composer, owner of Aspenwood Music

The 2022 Phi Beta Mu International Commission was the grand finale at the Henry Middle School Concert at The Midwest Clinic this past December. The piece is a Grade 3.5 and is available through Aspenwood Music.

Notes from the composer: The word Alegríawith varied spellings in several languages, means joy, happiness, and cheerfulness. The piece is fun, upbeat, high energy, and explores a range of emotions and a variety of time signatures and more than one tempo. At times humorous, sometimes quirky, beautifully melodic, this composition expresses joy with unique-sounding modes and an energetic groove that will make you want to get up and dance.

A variety of percussion instruments were included; most notably the tambourine(s) at the end. The use of the tambourine in all types of celebratory music elevates then to one of the most JOYFUL instruments that exist.

Once again, a huge thank you to all chapters and individuals that contributed to the cost of this commission. We are so pleased that this type of project attracted a wide range of donors including:

Alpha Chapter (Texas)
Alpha Gamma Chapter (North Dakota)
Delta Chapter (Mississippi)
Eta Chapter (Tennessee)
Gamma Chapter (Indiana)
Iota Chapter (Kansas)
Kappa Chapter (Colorado)
Mu Alpha Chapter (Alberta, Canada)
Omicron Chapter (Arkansas)
Rho Chapter (Alabama)
Sigma Chi Chapter (Wyoming)
Theta Chapter (South Carolina)
John M. (Jay) Watkins, Jr., University of Florida Symphonic Band (Omega Chapter)
Anonymous; David Lambert, for his service to Phi Beta Mu International
Anonymous; Scott Coulson, for his service to Alpha Chapter
In Memory of Larry Tucker, Alpha Chapter Past President; from his loving family
William Powers (Nu Chapter, Pennsylvania); In Memory of Robert Z. Zellner
Jacqueline Gilley (Beta Chapter, Oklahoma); In Honor of Eldon Jansen
David and Sheryl Lambert (Alpha Chapter); In Memory of Melvin Montgomery, Stephen F, Austin University

It is our hope that this piece will be performed and enjoyed by bands everywhere.

2020 Commission Project

Quincy Hilliard

Quincy Hilliard

Composer, Conductor, and Educator

Phi Beta Mu is committed to the development and release of new repertoire for our profession. This opportunity is facilitated by the financial commitment of the Phi Beta Mu International Board and the collaboration of our Phi Beta Mu member chapters and individuals.

We are excited to announce the 2020 Quincy Hilliard Commission Project has been completed and submitted to Carl Fisher for publication. The composer Quincy Hilliard offers the following comments about the piece:

Rejoice, Dolce, and Dance is written in three different and distinct styles. Rejoice is fanfare-like in quality and should be played in a bold majestic manner. Dolce is slow and more lyrical in manner. This section should be played in a legato style. The director is encouraged to add his own interpretive elements in this section. The Dance has an Allegro tempo and is fast and light in character. In this section the director will have to pay special attention to the articulations and dynamics that are marked.”

The composition is a Grade 2.5 published by Carl Fisher. It will be available in the spring for performance consideration for the Midwest 2021.

Phi Beta Mu International thanks the following Chapters and individuals for their support of the 2020 Quincy Hilliard Commission Project:

  • Alpha Chapter (Texas)
  • Theta Chapter (South Carolina)
  • Delta Chapter (Mississippi)
  • Omicron Chapter (Arkansas)
  • Alpha Theta Chapter (Nebraska)
  • Alpha Gamma Chapter (North Dakota)
  • Gamma Chapter (Indiana)
  • Nu Chapter (Pennsylvania)
  • Psi Chapter (Kentucky)
  • Mu Alpha Chapter (Alberta, Canada)
  • Lambda Iota (Ontario, Canada)
  • Iota Chapter (Kansas)
  • Kappa Chapter (Colorado)
  • Eta Chapter (Tennessee)
  • Zeta Chapter (Georgia)
  • Keith and June Bearden (Alpha Chapter)
  • Steven Moss (Alpha Chapter)
  • Anonymous; David Lambert for his service to Phi Beta Mu International
  • Anonymous; Scott Coulson, for his service to Alpha Chapter
  • Jacqueline Gilley (Beta Chapter); In Memoriam, Francis McBeth
  • Dennis Beck (Lambda Iota Chapter); In Memoriam, Donald McKeller
  • Brek Hufnus (Xi Chapter); In Memory of David Wuersig, Roosevelt Middle School, River Forest, IL, 1974-2014
  • David and Sheryl Gary Lambert (Alpha Chapter); In Memory of James D Gary, John Foster Dulles High School, Sugar Land, TX 1959-1968
  • Phil Min (Rho Chapter); In Honor of William T. Robinson
  • Julia Reynolds (Omicron Chapter); In Honor of Wendell O. Evanson
  • Julia Reynolds (Omicron Chapter); In Honor of Hal D. Cooper Senior
  • Steve Shoop (Alpha Chapter); In Honor of Patsy Dickerson Nelson
  • David L. Wenerd (Nu Chapter); In Honor of the Chambersburg Area Senior High School Band

More information is available about our composers, the commissions and performers.

2018-2019 Commission Project

Dr. David R. Holsinger

Composer, Conductor, American Bandmaster

David Holsinger

Award-winning composer and conductor David R. Holsinger joined the faculty of Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee in 1999. He is the conductor of the Lee Wind Ensemble and teaches composition, orchestration and conducting. Dr. Holsinger holds degrees from Central Methodist University, University of Central Missouri and the University of Kansas. His compositions have won four national competitions, including a two-time ABA Ostwald Award.

An elected member of the American Bandmasters Association, Holsinger’s recent honors include Women Band Directors International’s Al G. Wright Award; the Christian Instrumental Directors Association Director of the Year Citation; the 2011 Phi Beta Mu Outstanding Bandmaster of the Year Award; and biographical inclusion in both The Heritage Encyclopedia of Band Music, Vol. I and III, and Norman Smith’s Program Notes for Band. Holsinger was one of 11 composers asked to contribute a chapter regarding insights on musical creativity for the GIA Publication Composers on Composing for Band, edited by Mark Camphouse.

Over the past 13 years, Holsinger has served as Visiting Composer in Residence at 13 American colleges and universities, including the Acuff Chair of Excellence in the Creative Arts at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee.

In addition to his university duties, Holsinger spends much of his energies as a guest composer and conductor with all-state organizations, professional bands, and university ensembles throughout the United States.

For more information:

Much of Holsinger’s music is characterized by unrelenting tempos, ebullient rhythms, fluctuating accents over set ostinati, poly-lineal textures, vigorous asymmetrical melodies, and high emotional impact. His adagio works are as intransigently passionate as his allegros are exuberant! –TRN program notes.

Phi Beta Mu International Bandmasters Fraternity acknowledges the following chapters who engaged in the Phi Beta Mu commission consortium for Prelude and Presto by David Holsinger. Your commitment to the ideals of fostering a deeper appreciation for quality wind literature, and encouraging the widespread interest in band performance is appreciated and honored.

Alpha – Texas
Beta – Oklahoma
Eta – Tennessee
Gamma – Indiana
Iota – Kansas
Lambda Iota – Ontario
Mu Alpha – Alberta
Omicron – Arkansas
Psi – Kentucky
Theta – South Carolina
Rho – Alabama
Zeta – Georgia

Prelude and Presto by David Holsinger is published by Barnhouse and is currently available as a level 4.5 piece. The official Phi Beta Mu premiere was performed by Brother Rogério Wanderly Brito of the Beta Zeta chapter on July 27, 2019, with the Banda Sinfõnica de Taubaté from Sao Paulo, Brazil, at the Campos do Jordāo Winter Music Festival.

2016-2017 Commission Project

Michael J. Miller

Composer, Conductor, Educator

Michal J. Miller is a composer, arranger, pageantry arts designer, adjudicator, and educator dedicated to music and the impact it has on young lives. For more information visit:

Cosmic Expedition has been named to Band World’s Top 100 New Works for Concert Band. Congratulations Michael J. Miller!

Woodlands Concert Band

Conducted by Paul Worosello

The Woodlands Concert Band is an adult community organization that allows musicians, from all walks of life, an opportunity to play and perform with a quality group.

While the band is fortunate to have several members who are trained musicians and local band directors themselves, many within the band are simply amateurs who enjoy continuing to play their instruments. They spend their days in such varied professions as lawyers, accountants, scientists, computer specialists, teachers, and homemakers. This diversity among the band members creates a feeling of what a community group should be, friends and neighbors coming together to create beautiful music.

Richard Crain

We are thrilled to announce the premiere performance of Cosmic Expedition by the Woodlands Concert Band, conducted by Richard Crain, at the 2018 Midwest Clinic on Thursday, December 20, 2018 at 11:15 AM in Ballroom W183.

Music educator, administrator, consultant, adjudicator, clinician, lecturer, and leader, Richard Crain is Past President of the Texas Bandmasters Association, Alpha Chapter of Phi Beta Mu, and the Texas Music Adjudicators Association. He has served as the Coordinator for the National Concert Band Festival for Bands of America since 1991, and served on the Board of Directors of the Midwest International Band and Orchestra Clinic for the past 24 years and continues to serve in the role of President.

Richard Crain served as Executive Secretary of Phi Beta Mu International for over 30 years. He was the constant figure through eight presidents and many board members. He was the single person that saw us through the transition from the 1970s into the new millennium. In December of 2013, Crain was inducted into the Phi Beta Mu International Bandmasters Association Hall of Fame, in Chicago, Illinois, and received the Phi Beta Mu Outstanding Contributor Award in 2011. His strong conviction and gentle spirit have left an indelible mark on the identity of Phi Beta Mu International Bandmasters Fraternity.

2015 Commission Project

William Owens
William Owens

Phi Beta Mu International is dedicated to promoting quality music for the wind band medium by developing new literature that contributes to the existing band repertoire for all grade levels.

We are pleased to announce that composer William Owens has been awarded the Grade 1-2 commission. William Owens is a retired band director in Texas and presently serves as the Instrumental Editorial Assistant for FJH Music Company. Recent commissions include the Indiana Bandmasters Association, TMEA Region 9, Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association, Georgia MEA District 9, as well as numerous band programs in Texas.

Congratulations and thank you to the Mineola Middle School 1-C Honor Band and their conductor Melissa Grant Fisher for the premiere performance of our new commission Wings of Mercury by William Owens.

The performance took place in San Antonio, Texas at the Lila Cockrell Theater in conjunction with the 2016 Texas Music Educators Association Convention. Thanks also to commission chair Elva Kaye Lance, Vice President of PBM International, for her work on this meaningful project.

William Owens; Melissa GranFisher; PaulWorosello
William Owens; Melissa Grant Fisher; Paul Worosello, Past President PBM International

2014 Commission Project

Johnnie Vinson

The Executive Board of Phi Beta Mu is dedicated to promoting quality music for the wind band by developing new literature that contributes to the existing band repertoire for all grade levels as we work together to build better bands.

We are pleased to announce that the Phi Beta Mu commission by composer Johnnie Vinson was completed and delivered by the agreed-upon date of September 1, 2014.

The Grade 3 commission is titled O’er the Land of the Free and is 4:15 in duration. It has been selected for publication by Hal Leonard and will be available late this spring or summer.

Of the work, the composer states:

“The year 2014 is the anniversary of several important events in American history:

  • 200th anniversary of the writing of The Star-Spangled Banner in 1814
  • 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I in 1914
  • 70th anniversary of Operation Overlord, the 1944 Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied France which marked the beginning of the end of World War II in Europe

“It is in remembrance of these events that this composition was written. The primary theme is original, employing alternating measures in 4/4 and 3/4 time. Interwoven throughout are the opening motives of America the Beautiful and The Star-Spangled Banner.”

O’er the Land of the Free was commissioned by and is dedicated to the International Bandmasters Fraternity Phi Beta Mu. The composer granted the first performance of this work to the band chosen by Phi Beta Mu for the premiere. A premiere has not occurred to date.

This new work is part of a multi-year commissioning project through which Phi Beta Mu intends to contribute to the band repertoire for all grade levels as the fraternity works to build better bands.

2013 75th Anniversary Commission Project

Mark Camphouse, School of Music faculty

Phi Beta Mu International spearheaded a consortium of member chapters across the country to commission a work in honor of the 75th anniversary of Phi Beta Mu.

Composer Mark Camphouse was chosen and the piece, entitled Homage to the Dream, was premiered at the annual clinic/convention of the Texas Bandmasters Convention held in San Antonio, TX on July 21, 2013.

In addition to hundreds of band directors, in the audience were over 1,600 high school students, a scheduled activity as part of the TBA Student Leadership Day.

The work also commemorates the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech of August 28, 1963, I Have a Dream.

Texas’ Alpha Chapter of Phi Beta Mu [founding chapter] also celebrated its 75th anniversary and was pleased to be a contributor/host to the commission’s premiere.The work was beautifully performed by the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra Wind Symphony with the composer conducting. Dr. Nicholas Williams [Alpha Chapter] is the conductor of the group and graciously agreed to have his group premiere the work.

Mark Camphouse’s appearance at TBA was sponsored by Phi Beta Mu International [Paul Worosello, President; Sheryl Bowhay, Immediate Past President], and Texas Bandmaster Association [Fred Velez, President; Mike Brashear, Executive Secretary].

The 75th anniversary commission, Homage to the Dream, is being self-published by Mark Camphouse. Anyone interested in performing this work may contact Mark Camphouse at:

For more information go to

Dr. Martin Luther King
August 28, 1963 | Lincoln Memorial

Mark Camphouse, composer; Keith Bearden, Vice President International Phi Beta Mu; Dr. Nicholas Williams, conductor Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra Wind Symphony; Danny Prado, President Alpha Chapter

Mark Camphouse, composer; Keith Bearden, Vice President International Phi Beta Mu;
Dr. Nicholas Williams, conductor Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra Wind Symphony;
Danny Prado, President Alpha Chapter

Contributing chapters to the commissioning project were:

  • Alpha [Texas]
  • Alpha Chi [Virginia]
  • Alpha Theta [Nebraska]
  • Beta [Oklahoma]
  • Gamma [Indiana]
  • Delta [Mississippi]
  • Epsilon [Louisiana]
  • Zeta [Georgia]
  • Eta [Tennessee]
  • Theta [South Carolina]
  • Iota [Kansas]
  • Kappa [Colorado]
  • Mu Alpha [Alberta, Canada]
  • Nu [Pennsylvania]
  • Xi [Illinois]
  • Omicron [Arkansas]
  • Rho [Alabama]
  • Phi [New Mexico]
  • Psi [Kentucky]

Project chairs for the commissioning project were:

  • Keith Bearden [Alpha Chapter]
    Professor Emeritus, Texas Tech University; International Vice President, Phi Beta Mu
  • Elva Kate Lance [Delta Chapter]
    Director of Bands at Mississippi State University; International Board, Phi Beta Mu