Earl D. Irons Program of Distinction FAQ

Who may nominate a band?
Any Phi Beta Mu member may nominate any band program that they feel is deserving of this award. A member may only nominate one band per year. A member may not nominate their own program, or program in their feeder system. Nominated band director must have been at that program at least five years.
Does the band director of the nominated band need to be a Phi Beta Mu member?
No. Any band program is eligible regardless of affiliation with Phi Beta Mu.
When do nominations need to occur?
Deadline for nominating a band program is April 30. The sooner a band is notified, the sooner plans can be made to organize material. Since video material is requested, opportunities will present themselves to video small ensembles, jazz bands, etc. during the second semester.
What needs to be included in the video?
The only stipulation is the video compilation not exceed 10 minutes and no excerpt exceed four minutes of continuous footage. What you include should best represent the strengths of the program.
What were your greatest concerns about the application process?
Glenn Northern’s (whose Penn High School Band was selected) biggest concern dealt with judges’ sheets/comments. As we continue to move into the digital era, hardcopy written sheets are becoming a thing of the past. Audio files of comments are often deleted and the remaining sheet with the rating has such basic comments/superlatives written to not give much indication about the band. Digital files of comments are acceptable in lieu of written sheets, if that is the process that is used for your contests.
What are some benefits resulting from the application process?
Since so much information today is communicated electronically, organizing repertoire that concert bands, jazz bands, chamber ensembles have performed becomes a valuable resource. Creating a recruiting video as a byproduct of the process is useful. Documenting the legacy and community outreach is a way to start recording a history of your program, which could be a part of your band website.

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