Educational Outreach – Spring 2024

Our International Board created the Educational Outreach Project at the Midwest Band & Orchestra Clinic as a means of service to directors. Articles cover areas of  “Teaching Tips”, “The Profession” and “Repertoire” fitting the seasons of the teaching school year. Several of our members from a variety of chapters have reached out to share helpful articles and ideas to assist you this fall. Many thanks to the contributors – we appreciate their involvement in the project!

All the articles will remain on the PBM International website as a resource for directors, so please share with others and consult the previous submissions under the EO tab.  Best wishes as you move into the summer months!

The Complete Band Director Workshop”June 11-14, 2024 at Capital University

This outstanding summer offering at Capital University is designed to provide practical solutions for the instrumental music teacher, whether a first-year teacher or a seasoned professional. Hands-on conducting and playing, individualized curriculum content, and the option of a two day or four day workshop option. Clinicians for this year are Carol Brittin Chambers and Alfred Watkins.

There are a wealth of conducting workshops available over the summer for directors looking to brush up their skills or gain new perspective. There is an extensive Facebook Group dedicated to sharing information about these clinics that range from regional to international opportunities.

Instrumental Conducting Workshops

Starting Beginning Band Members: A Three Part Series

As directors begin looking ahead to the fall, they might be interested in a resource developed by the Florida Bandmasters Association (“”). “Starting Beginning Band Members: A Three Part Series” provides valuable guidance relative to the process of the beginning band journey.  In light of personally being involved in instrument “fittings” of well over 1,000 potential beginning band students over the course of the last month, this guide resonates! Links to each part are listed below.

Part 1 – Instrument Selection & Fitting
Part 2 – “Hands-On” with Instrument Fittings
Part 3 – Establishing a Balanced Instrumentation

There are a number of great opportunities for student leaders over the summer that directors may want to consider including Bands of America Drum Major Institute, TCU Band Camp for Leadership Experience, the Wells School of Music Summer Camps, and the Tennessee Tech Drum Major Academy.

Brass players might enjoy exploring The Open Bell Podcast this summer. Hosted by Joey Tartell, Bryan Appleby-Wineberg, and Bill Stowman, the trio of trumpet players explore a number of topics related to teaching and performing