May / June 2021

The International Board created the project at Midwest Band & Orchestra Clinic and this is the eighth series of articles under “Teaching Tips”, “The Profession” and “Repertoire” topics. All articles will remain on the PBM International website as a resource for directors, so please share and consult the previous submissions under the EO tab. I hope you each enjoy a restful summer and find these ideas helpful!

Band Directors Talk Shop: ”Tunes with a Twist” series

Students will be excited and motivated to practice with these FUN traditional, patriotic, holiday & classical melodies for band. This printable set of band music in unison lines will be enjoyed year after year. There are 59 songs are included for each instrument. The parts are REPRODUCIBLE for your personal band program.

Included Song Collections:

  • Traditional Collection: 12 songs — 3 key signatures, duets, variation
  • Patriotic Collection: 12 songs — 5 key signatures, variation
  • Holiday Collection: 18 songs — 5 key signatures, variation
  • Classical Collection: 16 songs — 6 key signatures

These songs were selected to provide a wide variety of difficulty level as well as time signature, rhythms, musical symbols, style, tempo and more. Each collection varies slightly in the key signatures and variations that are included. View a detailed preview of each collection. There are different difficulty levels and different layouts based on the best options for each collection.

Also, there are a number of tunes that are performed on the Band Directors Talk Shop YouTube Channel.
View the YouTube Playlist
More information about “Tunes with a Twist”

The Star-Spangled Banner
—free arrangement by R. Standridge

Continuing my efforts to say a huge Thank You to everyone for the support you have shown me during this first year of our new company, and in a way to give back, here is a free hybrid Standard and Flex arrangement of The Star-Spangled Banner. This work includes:

  • Parts for standard instrumentation
  • Parts for Flex Instrumentation (including alto clef, so this can actually be played with string ensembles as well)
  • Two ‘alternate parts’ that use very limited range and notes for younger players to contribute with some harmony
  • Landscape layout so that they can be shrunk to fit in folios

This is a no-frills, Grade 2-ish, not fancy arrangement, but I hope it serves you and your musicians well.

There is no charge for this at all; just make sure if you post about it, that you tag me. That’s all I ask.

Also, if you download, send me a comment; I’m genuinely curious how many people will use this.

Thanks again! Peace, Love and Music!

Randall D. Standridge
Composer/Marching Arts Designer