Alpha Iota | Maryland, USA

Initial Meeting: The chapter was installed on March 3, 2023 during the Maryland Music Educators Conference at the Baltimore Convention Center by International Board Member and Nu (PA) Chapter President Travis Weller.

Charter Members: Amber Abbott, Christopher Cicconi, A. Danielle Gilliard, Kerry Gilliard, Walter Harley, Lionel Harrell, Kimberly Hirschmann, Chan’nel Howard, Alphonso Jiles, Mark Lortz, Eric Posner, Cynthia Stevenson, John Stevenson, Anthony Townes, Kelvin W. Washington, and Krystal Williams. Melvin N. Miles, Jr, was not able to attend and will be initiated soon.

Initial Officers: Cynthia Stevenson, President; Kerry Gilliard, Vice President; Amber Abbott, Secretary/Treasurer; Alphonso Jiles and John Stevenson, Board Members

Background: Alpha Iota was originally chartered around 2007 with a handful of members but the chapter was not initially successful. Of that group, Walter Harley took the initiative to work with the International Executive Committee to reinstate the chapter.