Lambda Zeta Chapter | Oregon, USA

  • Reorganized: January 2015. Thanks to efforts of Ike Nail and others.
  • First Meeting: OMEA Convention in Eugene, OR
  • Initial Members included: David Becker; Mary Lou Boderman; Rebecca Brooks; Richard Elliott; Shira Fadeley; Brian Griffiths; David Hodges; Dave Matthys; Ike Nail; Tim Paul; Robert Ponto; Karl Raschkes; Pat Vandehey
  • First Officers: Ike Nail, President; Brian Griffiths, Treasurer
  • First Initiates: Michael Burch-Pesses; Chris Chapman; Jaimie Hall; Kristine Janes; Dan Judd; Jennifer Muller; Tom Muller; Paul Nickolas; Dave Sime; Stuart Welsh; Jeremy Zander; Todd Zimbelman

Current Membership

  • 25 Active Members

Annual Meeting

  • At OMEA Conference in mid-January in Eugene, Oregon