Zeta Chapter | Georgia, USA

  • Founded: 1955
  • Charter Members: Robert Barr, President; Boyd Milton McKeown; Earl E. Beach, Vice President; Guyton Stanley McLendon; William Harden Robinson Jr., Secretary/Treasurer; Donald E. Rich; Tolman Dewan Gharst; Dale Edward Rush; John W. Hambrick; William Edwin Tillison; Rodney T. Jonas; Eueary Tascar Williams; Len B. Lastinger
  • First Meeting: January 1955; State GMEA Conference
  • First Officers: Robert Barr, President; Earl E. Beach, Vice President; William Harden Robinson Jr., Secretary/Treasurer
    First Initiates:
    Prior to 1961: Dick Bissett; Harold Bradley; Sandy Campbell; Roger Dancz; Joe Kirschner; Ken Krouse; M.J. Newman; Steve Pyron; E.W. Woods
    Honorary: Clark Bachman; William Verrann; Fred Wagne

Current Membership

  • 117 active; 90 retired/inactive

Annual Business Meeting

  • At State GMEA meeting in January of each year

Awards Given

  • Lifetime Award; Hall of Fame; Future Music Educators Awards


  • Statewide mentoring program offered statewide free of charge. PBM acts as consultants and program evaluators. This network is put into place to better serve the newest and brightest directors in our profession. It is a way for PBM members who have been gifted with talents to give back and mentor our next generation of directors.
  • Commissioning of band major work for publication: It is to be premiered at All-State Band in spring of 2016 or 2017.


  • The chapter is currently relocating the Georgia PBM Hall of Fame to a new location with the relocation of the state GMEA conference from Savannah to Athens, Georgia.

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