Alpha Theta Chapter | Nebraska, USA

  • Founded: March 6, 1998 in Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Charter members: Brian Anderson; Rod Chesnutt; Gary Davis; Dale Duensing; John Kloecker; Bob Krueger; Dean Maxwell; Rex Barker; Ann Davis; Linda Donohue; Jim Johnson; James Kordik; Dick Keiser; Bob Palensky; Terry Rush; Scott Thompson

Current Membership

  • 80+ 

Current officers include

  • Stan Johnson | President
  • Brady Rohlfs | Vice-President
  • Jeff Mount | Secretary/Treasurer


  • Official luncheon and business meeting each spring at Nebraska State Bandmasters Association Conference
  • Informal autumn breakfast at Nebraska Music Educators Association Conference


  • Support of annual Summer Boot Camp luncheon for young band directors
  • Participation in national commissioning projects
  • Partnership with NSBA in the revision and publishing of the Recommended Music List
  • Production of an archival video celebrating one of the state’s most venerable directors and educators
  • An initiative that pairs veteran mentors with newly minted teachers around the state

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