Iota Lambda | Nevada, USA

  • Initial Meeting: The first meeting was held virtually on November 19, 2020 with much of the Phi Beta Mu International Board in attendance. The second induction for charter members not in the first initiation was held December 11, 2020 with Julia Reynolds issuing the new member oath to Ron Battani and Ed Jackson with the Iota Lambda Board in attendance.

  • Charter Members: Ron Battani; Robert Beasley; Rayne Ellison; Felton Hickman; Ed Jackson; Diane Koutsulis; Thomas Leslie; Richard McEnaney; Mack McGrannahan; Earline McGrannahan; Ted Porray; Albert Smith; Clinton Williams.
    Deceased Honorees include: Harold Boyce; Fred Steinbaugh; Marshall Townsend

  • Initial Officers: Clint Williams, President; Diane Koutsulis, Vice President; Rayne Ellison, Secretary/Treasurer; Richard McEnaney and Mack McGrannahan, Board Members

Annual Meetings:

  • 1st meeting of the school year: 1st Thursday after Labor Day
  • 2nd meeting of the school year: Friday morning at the annual NMEA Conference in April