Beta Zeta Chapter | São Paulo, Brazil

  • Chartered: 2016
  • First official meeting: February 26, 2016 in Churrascaria Marginal Grill in São Paulo with PBM International President Keith Bearden presiding
  • Charter members: Carlos Binder; Marcelo Bonvenuto; Rogerio Wanderley Brito; Paulo Roberto Charao; Michael Jewitt (honorary); Leandro Pascui; Andre de Oliveira; Everson Silva; Vantoil Souza Jr.; Washington De Oliveira Souza 
  • First officers: Andre de Oliveira, President; Vantoil Souza Jr.,Vice President; Carlos Binder, Executive Secretary

Special Information

  • Thanks to Alpha Chapter and PBM International for assisting with the arrangements to get Andre de Oliveira to the 2016 TMEA Convention where he was made an Honorary Member of Phi Beta Mu, setting things in place for the establishment of Beta Zeta Chapter!