Delta Chapter | Mississippi, USA

  • Founded: Inaugural meeting took place in 1957 in Vicksburg, Mississippi
  • Members at inaugural meeting: Stanley Beers; Joe Berryman; Ernest Boling; Duane Bowen; Bernard Brokaw; William Colston; Peyton Crowder; John DiGilio; Malcolm Flowers; Bob Jordan; John Lawson; Kelly Love; Joe Price; J.H. Rennick; Roy M. Martin; Stanley Mitchell; Richard Prenshaw; Earl Wallick; Thomas Wasson; Victor Zajec
  • Officers listed at 1958 meeting: J.H. Rennick, President; Ernest Boling, Vice President; Joe Price, Secretary/Treasurer; Malcolm Flowers, Board member; Kelly Love, Board member


  • Hall of Fame; includes over 31 members


  • Delta has a video series on YouTube that is designed for young directors or college students who are getting ready begin their student teaching experience. The directors in these videos have volunteered to demonstrate methods and techniques they have developed throughout their years of teaching.